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Please add a site that you would like to see integrated with Shortkits.
We would love to help you save time on your favorite sites!
Hi! What is your first name?

Nice! What site or web-app would you like to see integrated with Shortkits?

We're trying to standardize shortcuts across multiple sites/web-apps.
Feel free to add the site/app that you would like to use shortcuts for.

What shortcuts would you be interested in for the sites you've mentioned?

Example: Login/Logout, move focus to a particular field, navigate to a certain page, etc.
Would you recommend Shortkits to a friend?

Thanks a ton! You've been really helpful.
Is there anything else that you would like to mention about the product?

Anything at all. Feel free to critique, suggest ideas or say hello.
Thanks for taking the time, {{answer_60252936}}! Really appreciate it! :)

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